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31″ Connor O'Leary (Small) THD

31″ Connor O'Leary (Small) THD


The 31" Connor O'Leary (Small) THD SmoothStar is a great option for land-based surf training, particularly if you're a teen or adult surfer between 5'4" and 5'10" (162cm - 177cm) in height.


- Signature model: Developed with world-renowned surfer Connor O'Leary, offering his preferred board dimensions and flex patterns for a realistic surfing experience.

- Thruster D technology: Delivers 15-12% more hold and drive through your surf turns, mimicking the feeling of ocean surfing.

- Shallow concave: Ideal for surfers who want to pump and generate speed on flat sections and enjoy smooth, flowy carving maneuvers.

- Lightweight construction: Weighs only 6.8 lbs (3.1 kg) for easy portability and effortless maneuvers.


Overall, the 31" Connor O'Leary (Small) THD SmoothStar is a top-of-the-line land-based surf training board for teen and adult surfers seeking to improve their skills, enjoy a realistic surfing experience, and appreciate high-quality construction.