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The Sea in Me

Tulamben, Bali (5 Days 4 Nights)

7th - 11th Dec 2024

If you've watched the acclaimed documentary "My Octopus Teacher" on Netflix, you'll understand the profound bond humans can share with marine life. Filmmaker Craig Foster discovered this connection with an octopus in the kelp forests of Cape Town, simply by observing her from a respectful distance. Through this, he learns about himself and the common nature he shares with his fellow marine creatures.

“What she taught me is to feel that you are part of this place. Not a visitor. And that’s a huge difference.” - Craig Foster

In the midst of our busy lives, we often forget that we share the ocean with many other marine creatures. Yet, the ocean provides us not only with essential resources like oxygen and food, but also emotional and psychological nourishment.

Picture yourself swimming in the sea, observing every ripple pattern, watching sunlight dance on the surface, mini doses of surprises when a puffer fish or a butterfly fish swim by doing their daily strolls. These experiences have a profound effect on our minds and souls.


The Blue Mind

Research has shown that being near, under, or on water induces a mildly meditative state known as the "Blue Mind," which boosts our sense of well-being. Its through these moments we have with the ocean, we grow our minds, heart and soul that allows us to connect with the world around us.

Come be curious and grow your soul!

"The Sea in Me" is an adventure to get to know the Sea Realm in a safe and exciting way, alongside a professional. 


You'll connect with the ocean through Discover Scuba Diving, Day & Night Snorkeling at the USAT Liberty World War II Wreck, and Discover Surfing at Kuta Beach.


No certification is required - just bring your curiosity and an open mind. Coupled with yoga sessions to bring out the awareness in you, enriching your connection with the sea.

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Hi Blue Bali - Melasti Dive Resort

The resort we'll be staying in Tulamben for three (3) nights is Hi Blue Bali - Melasti Dive Resort, with twin sharing accommodation.


The USAT Liberty World War II shipwreck is just 2.6 km away from the resort. With easy navigation and depths from 5m to 30m, divers of all levels can enjoy this 120m-long wreck. Covered in colorful coral and home to diverse marine life against the black sand backdrop, it's a great spot for diving.



RM TBC/pax

What's included?

✔ 4 nights accommodation (3 nights in Tulamben, 1 night in Kuta)

✔ 3 breakfasts (Day 2, 3 & 4)

✔ Land transfer from Ngurah Rai International Airport to Tulamben

✔ Land transfer from Tulamben to resort in Kuta

✔ 2 discover scuba diving (one pool session, one open sea session, dive equipment included)

*no license needed, guided by a certified PADI dive instructor

✔ 2 snorkeling sessions

✔ 1 introductory surfing session

✔ Yoga & meditation sessions

✔ Day land tour around Bali Kuta

What's excluded?

✘ Flight 

✘ All lunch and dinner

✘ Travel & PA insurance

✘ Personal expenses (e.g. shopping, massage)

✘ Other expenses not mentioned above

Click here for Itinerary

Who is eligible to participate?

  • Healthy adults age 18 years and above.

  • For those with a medical condition, or think that you may perhaps have one, you will need a doctor’s statement confirming you are medically fit to dive.

  • Swimming skills are not necessary, but participants should not be hydrophobic or prone to panic during water activities. All water activities are supervised by professionals and begin in shallow water (1.2m deep) before progressing to deeper areas.

What do you get out of this experience?

✔ New ways of appreciating marine life and ecosystem

✔ Learn more about your personality and emotions through these experiences

✔ Getting your "Blue Mind" - Physical and mental nourishment by being close to the ocean

✔ Lifetime experience of witnessing a submerged World War II wreck

✔ Connecting with nature

✔ Meeting like minded people

Start Your

Adventure Here

The Sea in Me

at Tulamben, Bali


5 Days 4 Nights 

Reach out to us

about the trip


Frequently Asked Questions

  • Do I need to bring my own dive equipment?
    It's recommended to bring personal diving gear for comfort and familiarity. However, if needed, rental equipment can be provided at additional cost.
  • What is the instructor-to-participant ratio for the experience?
    To ensure personalized attention, we maintain a small instructor-to-participant ratio, usually 1 instructor to 6 participants.
  • Can non-divers join this trip?
    This trip is catered for certified divers focusing on dive skills. If you have non-divers who wants to tag along and doesn't mind the schedule, do contact us to see if it's feasible.

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