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30″ SmoothStar Flying Fish THD (Purple)

30″ SmoothStar Flying Fish THD (Purple)


The 30" SmoothStar Flying Fish THD (Purple) is a popular choice for younger surfers aged 9-12 looking to progress their skills with a responsive and playful land-based training board.


- Compact size: Perfectly sized for groms, making it easy to maneuver and control.

- Thruster D technology: Delivers 12-15% more hold and drive for improved responsiveness and realistic surf feeling.

- Wide, slightly concave deck: Offers increased stability and grip for confident carving and practicing maneuvers.

- Swallow kick tail: Facilitates effortless tail slides and playful tricks.


Overall, the 30" SmoothStar Flying Fish THD (Purple) is an excellent choice for groms who are: Enthusiastic about surfing and want to improve their skills. Looking for a fun and engaging way to train on land. Comfortable with a slightly responsive and maneuverable board.


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