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GiNLY Shampoo Bar (For Dry Hair - 60g)

GiNLY Shampoo Bar (For Dry Hair - 60g)


GiNLY Shampoo Bar (Dry Hair)

Syndet solid shampoo bars are crafted from a combination of mild detergent based cleansers formulated to wash and care for hair. These shampoo bars are typically formulated with a gentle surfactant such as Sodium Cocoyl Isethionate (SCI.) Additional ingredients are then added to nourish and condition hair.


1. Syndet shampoo bars have a lovely foamy lather that gets hair clean.

2.These solid shampoo bars won’t strip hair of oils and they’re gentle enough for even color treated hair.

3. There’s no plastic waste with solid shampoo bars because there are no bottles, zero waste & eco friendly.


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